KS LRC-HT luger

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KS LRC-HT luger

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Det kan være svært at finde den rigtige luge til kajakken, brug derfor vedhæftede tegninger til at finde den rigtige.

KS LRC-HT luger fås i følgende størrelser:
Ø15 cm LRC-HT 301314
Ø20 cm LRC-HT 301514
Ø24 cm LRC-HT 301714
Oval 42/30 cm LRC-HT 302214
Oval 44/26 cm LRC-HT 302414

Vi har valgt ikke at oversætte den engelske beskrivelse af de 4 forskellige “Kajak-Sport lugevariant-kvaliteter til dansk da de allerede er meget præcise. Kontakt os endelig hvis der er brug for uddybende forklaring.

KS LRC-HT luger – KS LRC-HT Covers (LRC-HT)

Kajak-Sport LRC-HT series is our latest hatch development. ‘HT’ describes the hard top in the centre of the cover, like in click-on cover. But in LRC-HT the rigid centre area is just smaller which increases stretch ability of the cover to improve watertightness and allow more variation on the accuracy of measurement of the rim. Covers are normally produced in black/black colour combination. Weight: 255 g.

KS klik luger – KS Click-on Covers (Click-on)

The click-on cover is a light and vigorous kayak hatch cover which is made by combining two different materials together. The rigid centre part reaches to top of the hatch rim and secures that the cover can’t be pushed inside due to force of a wave. Soft edge seals and attaches properly to the hatch rim and gives good watertight contact between the cover and the rim. Stylish click-on cover is waterproof and extremely easy to use. There are both inside and outside leash holders and a handy opening grip. Both materials are durable- and fully UV-protected. The click-on cover is used all over the world and it has found its way especially to the deck of the lightand ultralight composite kayaks. Numerous tests, reviews and praxis prove that this cover is a reliable and watertight cover solution even in rough conditions. The click-on cover is recommended to be used with KS-hatch rim. Weight: 182 g.

KS Originale Gummiluger – KS Original Rubber Covers (Original )

Kajak-Sport original hatch cover series is made of real rubber. 100% watertight hatch cover solution is created for the most demanding “expedition” use, when the cover is used in aberrant conditions and when the maximum reliability is essential. The cover is equipped with both inside and outside leash holders. Its material is extremely durable and long-lived. It is also fully UV-protected. Weight: 326 g.

KS LRC luger – KS LRC Covers (LRC)

The Light Rubber Cover (LRC) Hatch series is our latest hatch development together with the LRC-HT series. Elasticity describes this series most incisive. This cover is made for an option for the original rubber cover. The LRC has a good stretch ability to work watertight in PE-rims. It is lighter than the original rubber cover and has more elegant visual surface quality. The lightness can easily be noticed as this series really floats! The profile of the LRC-series is identical compared to the original rubber covers, so they have equal fitting properties to various rims, however original rubber cover is possible to over stretch thanks to the superior elasticity properties of the material. The LRC material is fully UV and weather protected for long use. Weight: 226 g.

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Ø15 cm LRC-HT 301314, Ø20 cm LRC-HT 301514, Ø24 cm LRC-HT 301714, Oval 42/30 cm LRC-HT 302214, Oval 44/26 cm LRC-HT 302414