Orka Bungs / propper til dræn

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Orka Bungs / propper til dræn

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Orka Bungs eller propper til dræn i bunden af surfski. Passer bl.a. til Fenn surfski.

Længde: 25 mm

Diameter: Ø16/7 mm

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Orka Paddles

Orka Paddles is a paddle manufacturing company started by one of the top female paddlers in the world. It began operating from a small home garage, and has since grown into a company supporting three staff members and exporting all over the world.

Orka paddles now operated its business from a factory with potential space to grow and expand both internally and externally. Paddles manufactured by Orka Paddles are retailed through various local retail stores and through international agents in 25 countries.

The members of the Orka team include motivated staff members and top athletes competing all over the world. These members are motivated and inspired by each other’s constant drive for success and excellence.

As manufacturers of the paddles athletes use to compete against the best in the world, Orka paddles is fully aware of the integral part they play in these athletes’ drive for success and this keeps the pressure on the business to continually look for ways to improve in both product performance and service.


Brief history

Orka Paddles started in 2006 as a small backyard business focusing on a gap in the local paddling market where paddles were made on demand. In 2008, Orka paddles started to export to the US and Australia; it has since grown into a world-wide brand with paddles being exported to more than 25 countries. The paddles have been used to win numerous international events by top athletes. The brand has now branched-out to include accessories such as rudders and paddle bags.

Orka Paddles is owned and run by Alexa Cole, one of the top female paddlers in the world, who has been involved in the sport for more than 15 years, during which time she has won races both locally and internationally.

Mission statement

Orka Paddles is a highly-motivated company, committed to supplying the highest quality paddling-related accessories across the globe. Having been involved in paddling for the greater part of 20 years, we have great insight into the requirements of both the social and racing paddler, and strive to produce paddling equipment of the highest quality as well as offering advice and customer support in both equipment and training.

The company is made up of highly motivated people who strive to deliver a product of the highest quality and back this up with professional advice and after sales service.

We are determined to become the number one paddle brand of choice worldwide.